Biography – Terri Cousino Oros Loope

Terri Cousino Oros Loope

Miss Monroe County 1971
Miss Michigan 1972
Co Host Michigan Lottery Show
Professional Model – TV Commercials – Voice Overs – Auto Shows – Ads
Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
Stay at Home Mom 22yrs
Cancer Survivor!

Started working for Best Buy same time I was Dx with cancer 2005 - part time - then full time - Supervisor - GM - currently working a specialty position as an In Home Design Mgr selling to clients in their home - 16 Yrs & counting!

Mom to 5 children - blended family - John Michael - Megan -  Lisa - McKenzie - Amy

Gigi to 8 grandchildren Tyler - Dominic - Elle - Liv - Addy - Sienna - Andrew - Eliana & Hopefully more on the way!!

Married to the love of my life, and a very patient man, for 21 Yrs (2nd for both and not our choice!)

We look forward every year to visiting Vienna, Austria  & now that travel has opened - we’ll  be there in Oct!

It’s been a wonderful ride since 1971 filled with God’s Grace & and life’s trials, great joys as well as great sorrows. I am who I am as a result of every experience I’ve had & I am still standing and still enjoying waking up every day to whatever God has planned for me!
Congratulations to all our 1971 Grads!

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