Biography – Chris Hemry Frayer

Chris Hemry Frayer

Information as of June, 2020:
Married to my HS sweetheart, Bob Frayer. We have three grown children and six beautiful grandchildren.
Twin sons:
Rob and Jenn Frayer live in Huntington Wood, MI with Emerson, 6 year old daughter
Christopher and Kelly live in Platteville, WI with Eva, 8 years old, and Nora, 5 years old
Allison and Ben Kellogg live in Canton, MI with Ellie, 4 years old; Hazel, 2 years old; and Zachary, 8 months old
I am retired from Chelsea School District.
I enjoy spending time with family, volunteering, reading, outdoor activities, traveling, and some sewing.
I’m hoping to make it to the reunion, but after this March, April, and May 2020 – you just never know. Our lives, like everyone, have been turned upside down. Especially missing our kids, grandkids, and mothers. Hoping someday to continue traveling.

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