Biography – Anne Fleuelling Stehle

Anne Fleuelling Stehle

Have a degree in Business, with an accounting major and worked in that field until I started my family. I have four children: Matthew-42 (Amy), Melissa-40 (Jim), Margaret-40 and Andrew-38. Andrew is being married to Anne on August 21, 2021!

After being home with the children for 9 years, and an unfortunate divorce, I went to nursing school and specialized in obstetrics. I retired from nursing in 2011 to care for my Mother.

I have been married to Paul for 25 years this coming November. My daughter Melissa has given us two beautiful granddaughters, Annabel (8) and Ada (5). They live 2 miles from us!

My hobbies include quilting, reading, and relearning the piano.

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